Grow Your Business in 2016

Grow Your Business in 2016download movie Logan now

Economically, 2016 is shaping up to what could be the best year we have seen in the past decade.  US based businesses are hitting the ground running, full of excitement, and ready for a strong economic comeback.  While we are not quite back to pre-recession levels, things are looking pretty good.  Unemployment is holding stable near 5%.  In 2015, the inflation rate was held flat to merely 1.2%.  And, mortgage rates remain steady around 3.7%.   This means:

  • More people are back to work
  • There is more money in circulation
  • Consumer confidence is rising

So what does this mean for US businesses?  All positive signs.  The light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel.  And, 2016 could be the break out year we’ve been yearning for nearly a decade.  And it’s time to position our businesses for success.  So what do we do?

  • Review our online presence, this is more important than ever
  • Ensure our marketing programs are in tune with today’s buyers
  • Get our businesses image up to today’s standards
  • Put our marketing materials in the hands of buyers with money and confidence

Sales is a numbers game.  The more you market, the more leads you get.  The more Leads you work, the more quotes you deliver.  The more quotes you send out, the more sales you make.  It is that simple.  And now, today, in 2016, it makes more sense than ever to put our marketing dollars to work.  Why?  Because the cost of converting marketing dollars into a sales hasn’t been this low since 2007.  The same marketing dollars today will convert to sales easier than at any time in past decade.

  • When consumers have money, they spend it
  • When consumers have confidence, they spend more
  • When consumers are spending, more money is available to businesses
  • When businesses market effectively, they enjoy the success

So let’s hit the ground running together in 2016.  Contact your Freedom Marketing sales representative today at 602.258.6400 to learn more about out how we can get your marketing programs tuned up and generating sales to grow your business!