Client Testimonials & Case Study

Integrity is everything in business. At Freedom Marketing, we take being accountable to you, our customer, very seriously. Read our client testimonials and case study.

Nearly 3 percent of households that received door hangers, responded to the ads, more than double the response rate to direct-mail ads that Quiznos had for the same campaign. Better yet, Door-hangers were half the price of direct-mail pieces.

It’s hard to stand out when you’re in the mailbox, door hangers get in their hands.


Senior Vice President of Marketing, Quiznos

Not only are Freedom Marketing competitively priced, but in our most recent campaign, our response rate from door tags ranged from 4.3% to 10.3%.


Marketing , COX

Arizona Sanitation Services Case Study

Arizona Sanitation Services needed to penetrate their target market and outperform their competitors. In a rush to procure the maximum number of memberships for weekly waste management services, they turned to Freedom Marketing for help.

Arizona Sanitation Services set an initial goal to register 500 new members. Freedom Marketing was brought in to develop the Concept, Design and Collateral to be communicated via Direct-to-Door Distribution.

The results were unexpected, but gladly welcomed. Arizona Sanitation Services grew to over 1,000 memberships, more than doubling their expectations.

Dear Freedom Marketing,

Thank you for the roll you played in helping us start up our business!

Within the past year we have exceed our 500 customer subscription goal and have well over 1000 customers now, you helped us exceed our goal by over 100%!

Your friendly and helpful staff has been great to work with. Having a company that sets up all of the designing, printing and Direct to Door delivery has taken a large burden off of our staff.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for helping us.

The Staff

Business Development , Arizona Sanitation Services