Successful Campaigns Depend on Name Recognition

When running for public office, success relies on voters remembering the candidate at the voting booth. But creating a memorable campaign that places the candidate in the forefront of the voters’ minds can be tricky. In most cases, a hopeful candidate can’t possibly shake every hand and kiss every baby in their constituency. So how does a candidate get one’s self introduced to every person in a voting precinct? Easy, through a brand awareness marketing campaign and direct to door delivery of their winning campaign message.

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Press Release:  Freedom Marketing – Full Service Marketing Agency

For more than 26 years, Freedom Marketing has been Arizona’s premier Direct to Door distributor of printed advertising like door hangers, menus, flyers, promotions, business cards, and even product samples in the Phoenix or Tucson metro areas. But in August of 2015 a transformation began. James Lemmer took over as President of Freedom Marketing Corporation and brought with him a wealth of knowledge in printing, Internet services, and both traditional and online marketing.

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Making Your Grand Opening a Huge Success

It’s exciting opening a new store, shop, or business office. But with it comes a lot of stress. Build outs, permits, equipment, decorating, employee hiring and training, it adds up to a lot of work just trying to get the doors open. So once the lights are on, how do you make sure your first days build momentum and set the tone for continued success? The answer is marketing, and lots of it!

Grand Opening banners on the store
Signs and eye catching displays in the parking lot

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Grow Your Business in 2016

Economically, 2016 is shaping up to what could be the best year we have seen in the past decade. US based businesses are hitting the ground running, full of excitement, and ready for a strong economic comeback. While we are not quite back to pre-recession levels, things are looking pretty good. Unemployment is holding stable near 5%. In 2015, the inflation rate was held flat to merely 1.2%. And, mortgage rates remain steady around 3.7%. This means:

More people are back to work
There is more money in circulation
Consumer confidence is rising

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Direct Mail vs. Direct to Door Distribution

In today’s world of rapid information, we receive, process, and make decisions faster than ever. Sound bites, video snippets, blog posts, and other quick bits consume our days, forcing us to adapt or be left behind. This would lead you to believe that all aspects of marketing must evolve equally to be successful.

This is true in one sense. In order to have an effective message today…

Your message must be very brief
Your benefits must be conveyed very quickly
Your graphics must tell the story instantly

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