Door Hanger Design

Optimize ways to promote your business with door hangers from Freedom Delivers. This type of targeted marketing requires attention to a specific demographic your business needs to reach. Our designers know how to ask the right questions so you can get the best results for your business. Many businesses like to use door hangers as call-to-action offering of their goods or service. We can also help you hone a package that will work for you and make sure the right restrictions (ex. one per customer, expiration date, new customers only) are attached to your special offer.
Door hangers need to be a certain design to accommodate the die cut used for the door knob. There are many different types of door hanger knock outs such as: star punch, hole plus slit, slit, and custom. Generally door hangers are star punched or have the hole plus slit. Our designers have designed door hangers for many uses including restaurant coupons, seasonal landscaping service, real estate announcements, promotional uses, and takeout menus.