About Us

Welcome to Freedom Marketing where we give you the freedom to develop your business solutions in the way you see fit. We provide expertise in our fields and work with you to learn about you and your business, catering each detail to develop your business. From websites to printing we are a business solution center. 


Our History

In 1989 Freedom Marketing was started with the sole purpose of providing direct to door marketing by doing the original social media, called door to door distribution and product sampling in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area with, Dominos Pizza as our first client, Freedom marketing grew at a fast rate because of the effective way we marketed for them. In 1993 Freedom Marketing acquired United Advertising Distributors, UAD had been in the direct to door distribution and marketing industry since 1973 as a result Freedom Marketing became the largest company of its nature in Arizona.

Our Future

Freedom Marketing has grown and evolved into the next phase of marketing and now we are a full scale marketing and development company. We can handle your marketing from the conception of your branding and website to your print marketing and social media marketing. Freedom Marketing now has the largest marketing offering of any company of its kind in Arizona

Our Mission

As we expand and move into markets we are committed to improving the scope of our services to match our clients needs and we are dedicated to refining our processes to further enhance quality of deliverables.